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My name is Cody Sortore, I am developing this site to give Christians a place to spread encouragement. Everyone in the Church has different jobs, resources, abilities, ideas, and talents. It is required of us that we use those talents to do good works in God's name (James 2:17, Titus 3:14). Here at AgapeBeacon it is our goal to encourage other Christian's to Love and Serve those around them with an Agape style love. Through Biblically based challenges set forth by our dynamic community you will find promptings to act on God's word and live as Jesus did.

Why AgapeBeacon? Well that is a great question! Agape is a Greek word from Koine Greek that much of the New Testament was written in. Agape is one of the words that is translated into "love" in English. It is the type of love that is intentional, done for those in your journey through life with the resources you have. It is also the type of love used to describe the relationship between God, and us. Jesus tells us to be the light unto the world, a light of intentional acts of love unto the world! Hence the AgapeBeacon name.

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